Dental Insurance Consolidation and Validation

A unique solution for dentists and by dentists. We know what your pain points are. Let us solve that by powering up your practice.

Does this sound like your practice?

Insurance is a pain to deal with


  • Insurance collections are down 30+ Aging is growing.
  • Insurance Verification is only sometimes completed ahead of time.
  • No idea what the status of claims are.
  • Too much back and forth with insurance companies with little to no progress.
  • Long hold times with insurance companies is clogging the office lines.

Accounting Problems


  • Patients are complaining about their patient portion.
  • Spending too much time figuring out billing issues.
  • Bank account not reconciling with practice management software.

My staff needs more training


  • Staff is overwhelmed with back-office work.
  • High turnover of staff due to lack of taining and knowledge.
  • Staff is unaware of the various intricacies of insurance billing.

You’re most likely seeing your collections down, staff over-burdened, and are continuously looking at improving some of your systems. Alliadent offers many solutions that can help you navigate this rough climate.

Insurance Verification

Our experience shows that collections go awry at the beginning stage of your patient relationship – even before they step into your practice. We help you verify your patient’s insurance plans – identify likely procedures for that first visit, and help you avoid costly mistakes.

Claims submission

Once you’ve done the work, it’s time to get paid! Our staff can handle sending of these claims, providing the appropriate attachments and narratives where necessary. This ensures that your claim gets paid in an expeditious manner.

Claims Status

What good is a submitted claim if it’s not followed up on? We all know that there could be errors at the PMS level, clearinghouse level, and insurance carrier levels. Instead, we need to always check the claim status of your submitted claims.

Claims Posting

Lastly, let us do the heavy lifting and mark the insurance and patient adjustments, re-submit denied payments, and take care of your claim posting needs. Your associates, patients, and accountant will all thank you for having your books updated and accurate.

Automate your claims aging

Our claims aging team will research your outstanding claims older than 30 days. These claims will be placed into buckets that will have various actions assigned to respective parties. For example, if a claim needs updated demographic information, your office will be tasked to contact the patient. We’ll make sure to keep an eye on timely filing limits by prioritizing claims with shorter timely filing limits (90 days for MassHealth, as an example).